Yagana Yakubu

From: Nigeria

Yagana is Kanuri by tribe from Nigeria and has worked with a missionary organization there called “Kanuri Project,” specifically reaching women. She has a degree in accounting and worked as an accountant at Baptist Theological Seminary Kaduna. Yakubu’s husband is a pastor and recently they have both taken further education in the USA with Yakubu focusing on her passion for counseling. They have 4 children.

Trauma Informed: What it is, and Why it is Important

Workshop Title

Trauma is a cumulative experience that comes in many forms. It has left a lot of women, children, and adolescents in fear, shame, anger, helplessness, even worthlessness. True greatness is all around us. The question is, do we see it? How do we pursue it? This true greatness can be realized through awareness. Women need to understand the psychological effect of trauma in people who are emotionally depressed, sexually abused, and have wounded hearts, broken spirits and have experienced lost dreams and lost hope. Through counseling and psychoeducation, victims will be able to reach the point of recovery and healing, thereby realizing their visions and dreams in life again.

At the end of the workshop women should be trauma informed leaders who know and understand the negative effect of trauma in people. They should be able to understand the nature of trauma and be aware that a lot of women have experienced serious trauma. This will build the capacity among leaders to deliver holistic care and spiritual resilience to traumatized victims. Those leaders will in turn be able to recognize and provide referrals to needed resources and qualified personnel to engage persons in counseling.

Baptist Women Conference Speakers

Karen Wilson


Asha Sanchu

(Nagaland, India)

Workshop Presenters

Laura McDaniel and Sonya Habimana

Finding and Forming Promising Young Leaders

Laura McDaniel is passionate about identifying and mentoring young leaders through UPTICK.
Sonya Habimana is the Chair of the UPTICK board and strives to cultivate the ministry to reach emerging young leaders everywhere.

Analia Tofful

Lift Women’s Honor

Analía Tofful de Castelao was the President the Baptist Women of Uruguay (2009-2013) and a Vice-President of UFBAL (2009-2018). Analia is married and has two children and 2 grandchildren.

Elissa Macpherson

Finding your self confidence to serve God fully

Elissa is the president of BWA Women’s branch, Baptist Women of the Pacific. She is a speaker and author of two books.

Gaopalelwe Seleka

Arousing the Deborah Spirit/Attitude (Judges 5:7)

Gaopalelwe, or more commonly known as Gao, is a mother, wife & community builder. She is an ordained pastor and pastor's wife at Revival Baptist Church, Pretoria, South Africa.