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Valerie Duval-Poujol (France) and Jenni Entrican (UK)

From Country: France and UK

Dr Duval-Poujol Valerie is a French Baptist theologian and Bible translator. She has specialised in teaching in churches about women in the Bible and in the Church. She is head of the working group of the French Baptist Federation on domestic violence.

Revd Jenni Entrican was President of the European Baptist Federation from 2017-19, and a former President of Baptist Union of Great Britain. Currently, she is focusing on how to empower women through writing and leading a four day Pilot Course entitled, ‘Invest in Yourself, in Others and in God’.

Identifying and Fighting Domestic Abuse within our Baptist Churches

Workshop Title

There are victims of domestic violence even within our Baptist churches. It should not be but it happens. The workshop will aim to share different tools produced by Baptist Unions to cope with this tragedy. How do we talk about this issue for prevention to younger people, to engaged people, in preaching? How does the Bible relate these issues?

This workshop aims to increase awareness of this tragedy, share resources and make possible a networking of people involved in fighting against domestic abuse.

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