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Gabriel Stephen

Gabriel Stephen, originally from Nigeria, is a youth pastor in a Baptist church in Norway and a researcher at the Norwegian School of Leadership and Theology.

Stephen holds a Bachelor of Theology and Intercultural Studies from Emmanuel Bible College in Ontario, Canada, and a Master of Arts in Baptist and Anabaptist Studies from International Baptist Theological Study Centre Amsterdam (IBTSC)/University of Manchester. He is currently pursuing his PhD at IBTSC/ Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam with a focus on “Migrant Experiences and the Formation of Ecclesiological Perspectives in Norwegian Baptist Churches.”

With work experience in missions, education, and church ministry, Stephen loves God and loves people. He is drawn to stories of individuals and communities who embody the gospel, which he describes as the best and most beautiful thing he knows. His experiences are diverse, having lived in Nigeria, South Africa, Switzerland, Canada, and Norway.

Stephen currently resides in Skien, Norway, with his wife and three children (two biological and one foster).


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