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Kelerayni Gavidi

From: Fiji

Kele is an experienced facilitator, researcher and community worker in various fields including social policy, grassroots level communities, youth peace building and development, gender issues and social work.

Young Women's Leadership and Stewardship

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The session is aimed particularly young Christian women from across the globe. Dialogue is an important tool when one considers awareness and advocacy particularly with regards to young women's leadership and Christian social justice principles. Kele will share share biblical principles that support young women's mentorship and leadership as well as address some of the main barriers that young women face including gender inequality, rising cases of violence against women and girls, climate injustice and young women's health.

This workshop aims to give young women knowledge they need on leadership and how to serve others through ministry work. It will explore our potential for young women's leadership and its foundation and will celebrate a strong network of young women leaders.

Baptist Women Conference Speakers

Karen Wilson


Asha Sanchu

(Nagaland, India)

Workshop Presenters

Laura McDaniel and Sonya Habimana

Finding and Forming Promising Young Leaders

Laura McDaniel is passionate about identifying and mentoring young leaders through UPTICK.
Sonya Habimana is the Chair of the UPTICK board and strives to cultivate the ministry to reach emerging young leaders everywhere.

Analia Tofful

Lift Women’s Honor

Analía Tofful de Castelao was the President the Baptist Women of Uruguay (2009-2013) and a Vice-President of UFBAL (2009-2018). Analia is married and has two children and 2 grandchildren.

Elissa Macpherson

Finding your self confidence to serve God fully

Elissa is the president of BWA Women’s branch, Baptist Women of the Pacific. She is a speaker and author of two books.

Gaopalelwe Seleka

Arousing the Deborah Spirit/Attitude (Judges 5:7)

Gaopalelwe, or more commonly known as Gao, is a mother, wife & community builder. She is an ordained pastor and pastor’s wife at Revival Baptist Church, Pretoria, South Africa.