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Seminar Speaker

Jenni Entrican (United Kingdom)


Gender-Based Violence: Countering a Scourge in Churches and Communities 

As gender inequality continues to contribute to violence against women and girls globally, this seminar will explore the dynamics of this reality and consider actions that biblically and faithfully work to create communities free of gender-based violence.

About the Presenter

Since her training at Bristol Baptist College (United Kingdom) in 2000, Jenni has pastored a new expression of church and has been involved in many initiatives within the United Kingdom Baptist family. In 2015, she became the fifth woman to become President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and later that year she also began a four year term as Vice-President and then President of the European Baptist Federation (EBF). She is a member of the BWA Commission on Racial, Gender, and Economic Justice and a member of the EBF Anti-Trafficking Group.

Merlyn Hyde-Riley (Jamaica)