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Seminar Speaker

Jacques Toko (Togo)


La Maladie Mentale: Une Epidemie Silencieuse Qui Affecte Les Eglises Et Les Communautes
(Mental Health Challenges: A Silent Epidemic Affecting the Churched and the Unchurched)

With the growing prevalence of mental health challenges impacting ministers, church members, and the community at large, this seminar will offer insights, encouragement, and recommended strategies to manage this silent epidemic. 

About the Presenter

Jacques Toko has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and serves as a Child Protection Specialist at Compassion International Togo. He also serves as a Lecturer at the University of Lomé and is Founder of ISEC Initiative. He is married to Jacqueline and father to Eliana and Joyce.


Emilie Pengongo (Congo)