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Global Impact Leadership Speaker

Dr. Hormoz Shariat


  • Living with Passion

About the Presenter

Dr. Hormoz Shariat is the President and Founder of Iran Alive Ministries based in McKinney, Texas. He is the author of “Iran’s Great Awakening”, a book which describes what is happening in Iran today.

Through satellite, he has been broadcasting the Gospel into Iran and the Middle East since 2001. His channel (called Shabakeh7) is arguably the most watched Christian channel in Iran, claiming over 6 million daily viewers (7.7% of the population) and over 20 million who watch it weekly. Using media, he has helped develop a large underground church network in Iran as well. Hormoz’s ministry has been featured in various publications, while he has been a guest on various radio and TV stations and is a frequent speaker at conferences.

Dr. Shariat is from a Muslim background and became a follower of Jesus in 1980 after a comparative study of the Bible and Quran. He holds a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible and Theology.

Prayer unlocks God’s power to transform lives in countries where Christians experience intense persecution.

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I encourage you to view justice advocacy in missional terms.

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Track One
Developing Emergent Leaders in the Struggle for Justice

Track Two
Religious Freedom: A Call to Stand Together

21Wilberforce is a Christian human rights organization dedicated to defending the universal rights of religion, belief, and conscience for all people. Our vision is to empower people to collaboratively support persecuted communities, challenge repression, and expand freedom of religion and belief globally.

We draw inspiration from the 19th century British parliamentarian William Wilberforce, who led an improbable movement that ended the single greatest violation of human rights — the slave trade. Like our namesake, 21Wilberforce leverages the strength of collaborative partnerships, grassroots empowerment, and policy campaigns.