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Seminar Speaker

Dr. Gus Reyes


  • Perspectives on Religious Freedom
  • Leaving a Legacy

About the Presenter

Dr. Gus Reyes serves as the Director of the Christian Life Commission for Texas Baptists. He serves on the Executive Committee of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference.

Before moving to his current position with BGCT, Reyes served as the Director of Hispanic Education Initiative/Affinity Ministries for Texas Baptists. Previously he also served as Director of Service Center and Ethnic Consultant for the Center of Strategic Evangelism. A 25-year youth ministry veteran, Dr. Reyes is the co-writer with Dr. Richard Ross of “30 Days, Turning the Hearts of Parents and Teens Towards Each Other.”

Reyes holds a BBA from UT-Austin, an MBA from Angelo State University, and MRE, PhD degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Prayer unlocks God’s power to transform lives in countries where Christians experience intense persecution.

Sammy Tippit

International Evangelist

I encourage you to view justice advocacy in missional terms.

Suzii Paynter March

Prosper Waco

Track One
Developing Emergent Leaders in the Struggle for Justice

Track Two
Religious Freedom: A Call to Stand Together

21Wilberforce is a Christian human rights organization dedicated to defending the universal rights of religion, belief, and conscience for all people. Our vision is to empower people to collaboratively support persecuted communities, challenge repression, and expand freedom of religion and belief globally.

We draw inspiration from the 19th century British parliamentarian William Wilberforce, who led an improbable movement that ended the single greatest violation of human rights — the slave trade. Like our namesake, 21Wilberforce leverages the strength of collaborative partnerships, grassroots empowerment, and policy campaigns.