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Seminar Speaker

Bill Viser (USA) and Madeline Knight (USA)


Toxic Faith and Religious Abuse: Understanding When Religion Becomes Sick

This presentation will examine how faith can become toxic, signs of toxic faith, different forms of toxic faith, and warning signs of abusive churches. Erroneous beliefs that fuel toxic faith will also be explored.

    About the Presenters

    Bill Viser is a former missionary to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He currently teaches at Ouachita Baptist University and is the author of two books, “It’s Okay to Be an MK” and “The Darkness Among Us.” He holds three professional licenses as a state-certified therapist and has been in private practice for over 24 years. He has been married to Susan for fifty years and has two married children.

    Madeline Knight is a senior honors student at Ouachita Baptist University majoring in Community and Family Services. She is from Camden, Arkansas (USA), and grew up attending Cullendale First Baptist Church. She plans to attend John Brown University later this year to pursue her degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.


    Johnathan Hemmings (Jamaica)